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Your holiday cost exactly the same as the other travellers. But to the startled eyes of those around you are upgraded immediately as you check into the airport... then when you arrive at your hotel you are given a huge room at no expense.

This preferential treatment carries on throughout your entire stay - free meals at restaurants, extra wine with your meal, upgrades to the best seats in the house.. while the other holidaymakers go green with envy.

Amazing, yes. Impossible, no. In fact, I'll show you how a royal title can gain you the same benefits on this very webpage.

From: Stephen J. Scott
Dear Friend,

After personally making over one thousand people all over the world Lords and Ladies, Counts and Countesses and many other titles, I have come to believe anything is possible with a royal title.

How many times have you had to wait in line for your turn, been disappointed when you're told a restaurant is 'full' and watched other people reap the social benefits and celebrity life you have always wanted?

Believe me, until I acquired my title I didn't know what it was like to be invited to to premieres and celebrity bars and restaurants. I always waited in line and certainly didn't get preferential treatment.

"…Times Have *REALLY* Changed And Many Of You Reading This Are Missing Out ..."

I've been living life with a title since 1997.

I have never looked back. Imagine dining out at your city's finest restaurants for free. Imagine being invited to new holiday resorts at your new-found friends' expense.

Imagine receiving royal treatment wherever you go, socially and professionally.

When you get a royal title eveything changes...

You will discover that in a status crazy world people will bend over backwards to serve you. Once they find out about your title they will actively seek your approval - doing everything they can to earn your friendship or patronage!

It sounds silly, but people - and even international corporations - still want to be connected with royalty. You hear about Lords being made board members of huge companies solely because of the benefits of having a 'Lord on the Board'.

"It's Time To Take Action And Start Gaining These Benefits For Yourself"

If you've been looking for a way to increase your prestige and social standing, something that can gain you the benefits of the royal high-life, I now ask you to come closer.

For what you are about to learn are the most secret method that both I and my client's have been using with HUGE success, how we became royalty and acquired a royal title.

Let's get started...


Topic: Restaurants and Telephone Waiting

Date: August 2005

Testimonial as follows...

"I was delighted with the Title package as soon as it arrived. The documentation is beautiful and clearly effective as I had no trouble adding my new title to various documents.

But I was determined to put it to good use and have had such fun in restaurants recently. I just love it when they ask for 'the cardholders name please'!

We have had so many 'extras' from people just willing to please a nobleman, and not just from hotels and restaurants. A telephone engineer told me the other day that they put you in front of a automated waiting line if a title appears on their screen..."

Baron Blake Manning, August 2005


Topic: Titles at Work

Date: August 2005

Testimonial as follows...

"Having a royal title clinched the deal. I have no doubt about that. In my business, it's always difficult to make yourself appealing - to have an immediate impact which makes you stand out from the rest.

With this Japanese firm I didn't have to work nearly as hard as I would've done ordinarily - I just let the royal title do the hard work for me. They were dazzled by working with someone possessing a title. It brought an extra 'something' to the table.

Plus, I have found certainly, a royal title creates instant trust. I wasn't questioned or doubted nearly as much as I would've been without my royal title."

Lord David Parker, March 2005

"…I'll Show YOU The Only Legal Way Of Acquiring A Title And Becoming A Lord, Lady Or Any Title Of Your Choice"

When I first came up with this gift idea I wasn't sure how to make it happen. After all, if the answer was obvious it would already be available on the market.

To become a member of the elite, to enjoy the lifestyle enjoyed by high society - how difficult would it be? I needed to find a way to make an average Bill Jenkins into... Lord William J. Jenkins.

It was more difficult than I first thought - I spent six months studying law books and consulting various legal authorities and once I was sure it was all above board and legal, spent countless nights burning the midnight oil devising a way to make my remarkable discovery work for anyone.

So, if you've got six months free to study the ins-and-outs of this kind of law feel free to visit your legal bookstore - most of the books are will be there.

But if you'd rather skip the learning curve and save yourself time and money, keep you're eyes glued to this page. Because I've already done the work of adapting my six months study to apply to anyone. I've already spent the time and money for you. Now I'll show you exactly how to give your partner this incredible gift.

Who Can Apply For a Prestige Title?

  • Anyone in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe and most other countries in the world can acquire a royal title of their own today.
  • You can choose from Lord, Lady, Baron, Baroness, Count, Countess, Duke, Duchess, Sir, Dame, Marquis, Marchioness, Viscount and Viscountess.
  • You will be able to acquire a title for yourself, or for a loved one and have the entire process complete in seven days from now.
  • It is completely risk free, if you don't like you title for any reason, simply return it to us.

It's frightening how people in the twenty-first century still perceive a person with a title to be richer, more intelligent and better thought of, than the average Mr. Joe Bloggs. But people do - and you can take advantage of it.

The title holder will notice the instant change in people's attitudes. From the very first moment they realize that you have a title they will treat you as if you were royalty. And if you don't correct them - well... its hardly your fault they treat you this way - is it?

But it's not just in the consumer world the benefits can be found. The business world, although you would've thought it immune to this elitism - is dazzled by the prospect of having a Lord, an Earl or a Baron on the board of directors. Many businesses would kill to have a Lord involved with their company. And lets face it - if you were to buy from a company with Lord Alfred D. Whitehall as Chairman you'd feel a lot more confident in your purchase than if you bought from simply Alf Whitehall.

…I'll now show you how you can give yourself or a loved one the ultimate symbol in status - the gift of nobility.

I'll cut straight to it and reveal how...

  •  Create a stir with credit cards emblazoned with your new title - I'll give you everything you need to make this happen.
  •  You'll have all the identification you need confirming the new royal title so that every corporation and institution accept it..
  • Your new title will quickly open doors professionally and socially as your reputation and title will precede you.
  •  Ever struggle to make conversation? Your new title is a fantastic icebreaker which gains instant respect and credibility.
  • There is no faster way to climb the social ladder.
  •  How upgrades and complimentary favors are yours for the taking with a title. You'll discover exactly what to say and do to use your title for maximum results.











"Introducing 'The Prestige Titles Royal Title Package' The Amazing Multi-Component Title Set That ANYONE Can Use To Live The Exaulted Lifestyle Of The Royal Classes"


Your title package is comprised of 5 main components, all of which are vital to the title process.

The legal work is done, everything is taken care of. After ordering, the next thing you'll be doing is reaping the rewards of the upper classes - and we'll show you exactly how in our exclusive guides to life with a title.

The title can be delivered to your door or to somewhere else for gift purposes.

The Title You Want ... Plus Unique Guides And Secrets You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Unlike most gifts you've ever bought - this will pay for itself... within weeks. It is something that will stay with the holder for the rest of their life. And it will open many doors socially - and in the business world.

I don't know of anything else, at any price, that can make these claims. Do you?

This is the complete Title package. It is tried and tested the world over and contains everything you (or whoever this gift is for) could possibly need to get started with this title. It is the definitive package and includes:

Prestige Title Package Component #1
"Gold Presentation Certificate" - Worth $299

This is a handsigned document printed on high quality topaz parchment.

Around the perimeter of the title certificate is a gold border which perfectly encapsulates the majesty of the title.

Although the frame isn't included as illustrated it comes encased in a beautiful ebony and gold jacket for display purposes.

It is made complete with a golden seal and ribbon, and is created individually for you.


Prestige Title Package Component #2
"Topaz Presentation Document" - Worth $149

In addition to the presentation document allow us to introduce this new document which provides extra prestige to your Royal Title package.

Written on the most luxurious parchment we could find, it is hand signed and sealed with a golden mark of distinction.


Prestige Title Package Component #3
"The Title Deed" - Worth $195

The culmination of the legal work we do for every title resides in the text of this professional and valuable document.

This legal work defines your new title and allows you to start living the lifestyle of the elite.

It is also contains a completely unique seal and awaits eagerly for you to sign it.


Prestige Title Package Component #4
"Prestige Titles Start Up Guide" - Worth $49

If you think that making the most of your new title is going to be difficult, then this exclusive guide is just for you...

It will show you step by step how you can easily add your new royal title to a host of documentation and identification materials like credit cards, bank statements, passport, driving licenses and much more.

It will even show you how to introduce your title to old and new friends for maximum effect AND how to earn more money every year from your title.


Prestige Title Package Component #5
"Social Climber's Guide To Professional Etiquette" - Worth $167

This publication takes the mystery of getting ahead professionally. It will show you how with a title you can gain access to new friends and associates in the business arena.

This indispensible guide is written for anyone who is interested in rubbing shoulders with the elite and make the most of the experience!


Prestige Title Package Component #6
"Our London Legal Team Working Until Completion" - Worth $1177

With the hundreds of titles sold every month I couldn't possibly cope on my own.

Luckily my legal team in London do most of the work now, expertly crafting your royal title and taking care of the legal work until it's completion.

However long we have to spend on your order - and however much it costs us in legal fees - it won't cost you a penny more.

"Imagine... A Life Of Priviledge"

Here are the tried and true methods of getting the most out of your title I'm going to share with you:

  • Use a royal title to enter high society. I've been invited to Premieres, "after-show" parties, the Capital's finest restaurants and hotels, holidays abroad - all at the expense of my new-found friends. It so easy! I guarantee the title actually becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. It gives you the confidence to rub shoulders with the elite anywhere, anytime.
  • Use a royal title in business. One of my customers, a business owner, followed my advice and became a Lord and - in the last eight months - has seen his profits increase by 350%. This is due to how he used his new name and the instant credibility he and his business gained from having a Title. Believe me - this isn't an isolated case. And, you and your friend too can duplicate the same success.
  • Use a royal title to benefit enormously from new found friends. For example, these people have contacts - incredibly useful contacts in all areas of life: real estate, business, holidays. This is when doors and opportunities become available to you.

In case you've seen other copycat services elsewhere - and there are a few - here's the difference. With my advice you get the title of your choice - and all the necessary legal documents, certificates for framing in fact everything you need to ensure you get the most from your title.

But if you still really think my competitors can match this service urge you to bookmark this page and look around. I have twenty years of experience in this field and I guarantee you'll come back here because either they sell novelty titles such as Laird that cannot be used on official documentation (we guarantee ours can), or they charge ten or twenty times more than this website.

Another Prestige Titles Success Story

- Duke Robert Alden Smith, MA, USA

"I have been thrilled with the responses I've received with my title. My friends were awed when I showed them the documents, and it's always garnered a lot of intrigue from those I have introduced myself to. More importantly, and I swear on this, it has made a serious impression with my superiors at work.

Before, I was hardly known to them. They would say hello when they were around, but other than that it were as though I was barely even there. Since being able to tell and show them I was a Duke, they've taken a lot more interest in me.

I was asked to complete an advancement module and, upon doing so, received a raise for it greater than any of my coworkers had received for the same thing. That raise has since paid back well beyond the price of the title. I could quite literally say the title has worked for me.

Duke Robert Alden Smith, MA, USA


How Your Title Can Change Your Life

Now picture this: It's a year from today (or a lot sooner), and you (or the person you are buying a title for) has made new and interesting friends, enjoying your social life, perhaps has got your foot on the promotion ladder or your running your own highly successful business - all because your social worth has boomed since becoming a Lord and Lady.

Now look on today. What price would make that a good investment?

To determine this, I looked a typical budgets, the legal costs involved and the benefits this title will bring, and arrived at the affordable price of $397.

UPDATE: You arrived at this page just in time to take advantage of a special marketing test: through to midnight on I've dropped the price to just 1 easy half-price payment of $197 (or $294 for a pair) for a limited time only - the lowest it's ever been. I'm doing this to see if the increase in sales outweighs this minimal profit margin. If it doesn't, and you buy your title after this date, expect to pay the normal price of $397 (or $697 for a pair.)

I could say this is the same deal I've been giving my satisfied customers for over twelve months. But that wouldn't be true; I have never offered the bonuses I'm giving away today. These bonuses are completely free and yours to keep whatever you decide.

Better still, the average time it will take to complete your application is 7 days - compare that with six months studying the ins and outs of international law.

How much is the lifestyle of the elite REALLY worth to you?

Feel free to copy and print the guarantee below for your records.

I designed this guarantee for the 99% who are honest, but naturally sceptical - not the 1% who'll take advantage of me. But more importantly...

I've been offering this same guarantee for years, and only a handful of customers have failed to take advantage of the opportunities a Title can offer. Sure, once in a while there's a wise guy who buys a title, does nothing with it, and sends it back for a refund.

But as you can see from my testimonials, customers who USE their titles and follow my foolproof advice are wowed by the results, and wouldn't even think of trading their title back for a few hundred dollars.

My 100% Money Back Guarantee

" If you are not thoroughly convinced that your new Royal Title is the smartest investment you have ever made for yourself, your career, and your social life, just say so, and I'll refund your money on the spot. No further explanations will be necessary on your part."

Click Here To Try Your Title Risk-Free!

Anyone can offer you a "100% money back guarantee". Big deal. What do they have to lose if you send their product back? When you buy your title, I take all of the risk. If your title doesn't deliver, I'm the one who picks up the bill - not you.

If $397 (Special: 1 easy half-price payment of $197 through ) is a lot of money for you, then ask yourself this: how much did you last spend on an evening out? I promise you - you can expect the price of your title to be repaid easily with all the benefits you can expect.

What's it worth to ensure that the person who you'll buy this title for gets the most out of the next year of their life? What's it worth to ensure that you or they get the lifestyle you've always wanted - and don't miss out opportunities and the benefits you or they could easily enjoy?

When it comes to ideas like this one, the only votes that count are the customers. If the value of their Titles didn't exceed their price, they wouldn't be owned and so highly recommended by over 3,000 people. If you've read the testimonials from my customers, you've already seen that these Titles are the ideal gift and they really do work. I guarantee you'll experience results within days.

Once In A Lifetime Limited Time Bonus
"Your Family Name's Unique And Individual Crest" - Worth $197
Only Available Until Midnight

The Coat-Of-Arms Package will include:

  • Your family's Coat of Arms professionally researched
  • Certificate of authenticity, confirming accurate and authentic research carried out by one of the world's leading heraldic institutions, ensures that your coat of arms is 100% genuine.
  • A Certificate Jacket which perfectly compliments the certificate of authenticity.

"Be assured that my husband and I are telling friends that your services are the best"

Baroness Jane Simmons


Well, I just received it {the title} two weeks ago and I just have to tell you what happened last night. I took your advice about making a reservation in a local restaurant and you were absolutely right about the extra service I received. They loved me! The manager offered me and my party a free round of drinks. Now if this is after two weeks...

Lord Richard Eggett


I added my title to my business letterhead and the response I had from my last mail out was almost double anything I have had before. I have never known anything like it as a tool to gain instant trust. I am very grateful and wish I had known about this a LONG time ago!

- Count Gerald Tatton

So, why risk missing out on this opportunity when you can use your Title for one year at absolutely no cost to you? It's possible to spend years trying to earn the privileges this Title will bring within just a few weeks. You can work tirelessly for promotion and the respect you deserve that this Title will bring it effortlessly, but doesn't it make a lot more sense to cut out the unnecessary work?

If you answered "Yes," and you want to catapult yourself to the peak of the social world, using my advice with your 100% risk-free Title that's guaranteed to improve your life for good:

I've said my part....

The rest is up to you..

Stephen J. Scott
President, Prestige Titles

P.S: As you know, we are in the final days of titles. It is common knowledge that the Government has speculated about abolishing titles like these for good. The lucky last few to grab their titles will keep them to their final days, but no new ones will be issued.

So I can't make any promises about how long this service will continue. This website may still be here in a decade, but it is also possible that next week the new laws may come in that spell the end of creating new titles.

If that happens there will be no way to get a title, but it will also mean that the few who acted today will have something that is truly priceless.

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